Our Executive Committee

President - Leigh Lockett

Vice President - Chris Ford

Treasurer - Luke Ford

Secretary - Michelle Ford

Registrar - Meredith McFarlane


A brief history


The Kingston Comets started in Winter season 2014 with 8 teams, 4 making Grand Finals and 1 going on to win! In our second season we grew to 13 teams and 8 made Grand Finals with 3 teams winning. In our 3rd season of operating we have grown to 24 teams with 11 making finals. We now have over 50 teams across the competitions we are entered into with teams in every age group at Chelsea.


The Kingston Comets Basketball Club is run solely on the tireless efforts of our wonderful volunteers! We have 9 Rep coaches, Junior Rep players and Chelsea

Big V  Womens import and Grand Finals series MVP champion, Jasmine Lovejoy, all coaching in the 2015 Winter Season. 

Going into the 2019 Winter season, this is now our 5th year running as a club and we have 52 teams including our senior teams, engulfing over a third of Chelsea's domestic competition.